Urusak Healing oil

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The Alchemical Healing Oil to Clear the Energetic Pathways of the Body

A specific alchemical healing oil was imbued with the intent of removing obstructions from the energetic pathways in the body (the cause of all illness and disease). The Seer Almine felt this to be the most beneficial and enhancing to the alchemy of the Urusak, so that distorted and dissonant tones would be cleared from the energetic body and harmonious ones restored. This causes you to be in alignment and in sync with the intent of the Urusak.

The energetic pathways include meridians and chakras, and the oil helps transmute negative emotions to ones that are life enhancing.

Application: this oil is best applied under the feet (can be rubbed into the balls of the feet). Another good location is on the wrists.

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