main water image with the text Urusak Water device

Pleiadean Water of Enlightened Mastery

In the beginning of 2009, the Seer Almine (Spiritual Journeys, LLC | received the information for a water device from the Urusak (known in the Pleiades as the Anra). This information became part of an online course: Interstellar Mysticism.

The Urusak told her:

Earth is our home. We return home to this planet (they call it Iridana) and bring gifts. The first one we give is how to make water that brings the song of your cells into purity. The heartsong of humanity must sing in perfect resonance through all cells in your body.

Humans hold the song of all life within them. When the human song and the cosmic song are in perfect harmony, the mastery of man is again restored. He can change his environment by accentuating parts of the music within him.

The alchemical equation for the water helps to restore the proper notes to the first, second, third and fourth chakras. These notes awaken the magic of these centers and as you speak with the voice of mastery, you draw your voice not from the throat but all the way from the root.

The environment will respond when your voice, filled with magic, speaks with the tones of creation that sing like music in your cells. For the restoration of the song of the cells we bring the way to make the water.

As time proceeded, realities changed and so did the information for the water device. While the physical setup remained unchanged, the wheels however had to be redrawn. This water device has been created with the latest information and insights.

Please have a look at our blog to see how this beautiful device has developed!