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There have been a lot of questions since the release of the Urusak Water Device. I would like to share these questions and the answers. I hope this will give you some valuable insides. I will keep updating this post to answer as many questions that you have.

When you have a question that is not already answered below, please send an e-mail to: or through the contact form.

Does Urusak stand for / means something?

In the language of the Anra, the star race that gifted this device to humanity, Urusak can be translated as: Waters of Life.

Can the water be used for plants and animals?

Absolutely! There is no reason why this water cannot be used for your plants and pets.

Can the Urusak Water Device be placed in direct sunlight?

Yes, you can. But should you?

The stand made from PLA wood can withstand a temperature of 60℃ / 140℉ before deforming. The ABS and ASA stands can withstand a temperature of 95℃ / 205℉ before deforming. Be aware that the temperatures can climb quickly in direct sunlight in mid summer! Obviously it depends on where you are in the world. The closer to the equator, the stronger the sun is and the warmer it generally can get.

But there is another reason why it might not be smart to do so. The clear quartz crystals can act like a magnifying glass concentrating the suns power into a small point where the temperature quickly reaches very high temperatures potentially starting a fire!

How stable is the stand (especially in relation to the presence of children and pets)?

The different stand variations have different characteristics. The website briefly stated that the PLA wood stand could be a bit “wobbly“, but that it was plenty strong. This has now been removed because of a redesign of the stand specifically for this material. Because of this change the stand is very stable and on par with the ABS plastic version. The ASA version is by far the strongest and most stable of the 3 due to the mechanical properties of the material (ASA) and the addition of carbon fibers which make the stand extremely stiff and stable.

How do you clean the Urusak Water Device and specifically the Spiral?

The Urusak Water Device is a vibrational tool – not a purifying device. It does not remove (harmful) substances such as: chlorine, medicine residues, lime, etc. We recommend to use as clean a water you have / can create.

But even clean water can contain (high levels of) lime which over time can deposit in the spiral. A household remedy is the use of vinegar which loosen up the lime scale. When you fill the spiral completely with vinegar and let it rest for a couple of hours before thoroughly flushing it with clean water, there is a good chance that most of it flushes out. When the lime scale is persistent, you could use a more aggressive agent. The laboratorium grade glass can withstand this without problem. If you are forced to reach for such a remedy, make sure you flush the spiral thoroughly! It might be wise to sterilise the spiral by putting it in cold water which you slowly bring to a boil. When done, take the spiral out of the boiling water (mind your hands!) and let it slowly cool down to room temperature. You can then again flush it out.

WARNING! Like any glass, do not expose it to rapid changes in temperature (exceeding 15℃ / 60℉ up or down), because glass will break due to thermal shock.

Can I order a custom stand?

At the moment with the overwhelming interest in the device I cannot accept any custom stand request. With a custom stand I mean the stand in a different material and/or color. This will be absolutely possible in the near future.

Why is this not possible? Each material has its own specific print settings. It generally takes a full day to calibrate the filament (material) for a specific printer. And it differs per color and brand of that same material. As you can see this is a lengthy process.

But that is not all. Every material has its own specific shrinkage ratio. This is vitally important, because of the holes which hold the plexiglass rods. The different 3D printable stand components need to be adjusted for the materials specific shrinkage. When the shrinkage is too large in relation to the design, the rods will not fit, when the shrinkage is less, than the holes will be too big. This is done by performing special test prints with different hole diameters which takes several hours to complete.

What are the carafes (jugs) for and what is the ideal size?

The carafes (jugs) are used to pour the water into the device and to collect the water.

The main carafe, which is placed underneath the spiral on top of the alchemical equation and wheel is for capturing the water that has run through the spirals. This carafe has a maximum height of: 23cm/9″ or 25cm/9.8″ when you are happy to slightly tilt the carafe.

A 1 liter carafe has proven to be ideal.

The second carafe (jug) is used to pour the water into the device into the funnel at the top. Personally I use a smaller carafe, but there is not reason why it could not be the same size. I would not recommend a larger size to avoid pouring in more water than the main carafe can contain.

You can also use a large glass to collect the water and a glass to pour the water into the device. This is how I initially started.

Update February 3rd 2023: The beautiful Eva Solo drip free 1 litre carafe is now available for purchase in the web shop!

Any idea if there is a limitation on the duration or effectiveness, after eg 10 years of use (if no breakage)?

A prototype of the Urusak Water Device has been in use by us since 2015. The stand of this prototype is different and I expect that this production version will have to be replaced after a few years (due to the degradation of the plastic), but that is a minor intervention. There will probably be more choices by then too.

The glass components of this production model (the spiral assembly) is many times stronger and of higher quality than the prototype and this spiral assembly is still as beautiful now as when we got it!

The plexiglass plates are beautiful, but somewhat sensitive to scratches. However, if you keep them clean with a damp soft cloth, and carefully place the crystals on the plate, it can last for many years! The main plate that we have since 2015 still looks beautiful (there are some scratches where the crystals are situated)! The bottom plate on which the carafe is placed over and over again, has a lot more usage marks but this does not diminish the plates working!

We can’t look into the future, but the device has already undergone quite a metamorphosis or should I say evolution since we started using it. The device just keeps changing! These are personal experiences and “observations” not substantiated by (clinical/scientific) research.

It truly is a magical device that was given to humanity by the Anra.

Do you ship to my country?

I ship to any country that I can legally send the device to. If the website does not have a shipping option for your specific country, please contact me on or through the contact form.

Do you offer a payment plan? offers klarna as a payment option for customers in: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Klarna gives customers from these countries a range of payment options during checkout. Available payment options vary depending on the customer’s billing address and the transaction amount. The options offered to the customer include:

  • Instalments: Pay for the purchase in 3 or 4 interest-free installments.
  • Pay later: Pay for the purchase in 30 days.
  • Financing: Spread the cost of a purchase over multiple months. This option usually involves interest and a credit check.
  • Pay now: Pay for the purchase immediately by direct debit, card, or bank transfer.

Because we are not an American based company, we are sorry but cannot offer any payment plans (like Afterpay) to customers from countries not listed above.

Please contact me on or through the contact form to see if a payment plan can be offered if you life outside the EU.

Is there a waiting list / can I reserve a Urusak Water device?

No, there is not waiting list and we do not reserve a device. There is currently still enough stock to serve all orders.

Why is there such a limited offering of crystal sets?

Good quality crystals are increasingly hard to find. This does not mean that they are not available, but the quality that I am specifically looking for has proven to be rare. I have been visiting specialised wholesale specialists and crystal shops whenever I saw one and have slowly collected over a period of 6 years enough crystals to create 5 sets that are perfectly matched.

So what crystals can / should be used? The device asks for 6 clear (or smokey) quartz crystals. Either as a single point or cluster (this is my personal preference) which are placed on the 6 wheels engraved on the main plate surrounding the spiral assembly. Also the herkimer diamond can be used, but is generally very expensive!

By performing the crystal ceremony you can prepare the crystals for the device. This ceremony will reconnect the crystal to the mother crystal and clean and clear the crystal from the trauma of removing it from their natural environment. Almine has created a special quartz Sigil specifically for this purpose (the ceremony can be used for all quartz crystals).

Anita (from: and has managed to secure a good amount of clear quartz crystals! When you do not have 6 clear quartz crystals or you are not able to source the crystals yourself, I would recommend contacting her. You can contact her by sending an e-mail to:

I will keep looking for crystal clusters to create sets that I can offer.

Why is the ASA-CF and ABS (black and bronze) temporarily not available?

I noticed some problems with the ASA and ABS materials when test fitting before packing. The print tolerances for the parts are so small (0.05mm!) and the material shrinkage varies so much that all the stands that were printed and tested (and passed after they were printed), now suddenly after resting for some time, are not good. The holes to add the plexiglass rods are either too small or too large!

The stand was designed to be a press fit. So no glue or other special tools required. Currently I cannot be sure that it is. I’m not sure if the rods will either fit at all or are so loose that the stand becomes the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

While the rods can be glued in and you get a real solid stand, I cannot add the glue to the shipment. This has to do with the addition of a “hazardous” substance which results in a lot of paper work, more expensive shipping and much longer shipping times! You can obviously buy your own glue, but … (I am a perfectionist).

So unless I get this fixed, it will not an option anymore.


  • ABS bronze: the coconut version is a bit like the ABS bronze version. It is not as “yellow” though.
  • ASA-CF and ABS black: I have managed to get the wood filament in ebony, which is very much like the black versions. While ABS has a smoother look, the ebony version is beautiful. It is a bit more like the ASA-CF version.

I have been post processing the wood versions and I was amazed at the Coconut version! When sanded it gets a real nice older wood look.

The stand has also been redesigned for the wood filaments to be just as sturdy as the ABS version (beefier version which takes about 3 hours longer to print).

A new stand is being designed for public use. I have several interested people that would like to use the device in their practise. While the stand is strong and sturdy, I would like to have a stand that can withstand a bit more abuse.

Can I change my stand selection?

When you selected one of the standard materials and colors when you purchased the Urusak Water Device, then yes it can be changed. Just send an e-mail to: or through the contact form where you mention your order number and that you want to change your stand from: (the version when you placed the order) to: (your new version of choice).

A custom order however cannot be changed or cancelled. So what is a custom order?
A custom order is a stand in a non standard material and color. This material will be bought specifically for your order and the stand will be produced with this material.

While I try to produce stands upfront in the different materials/colors, at the moment I will take your stand of choice in production once the order has been placed. This may seem as a custom order, but it is not.

Please take into account however that there might be a delay in delivery. When the stand is not in stock, it needs to be produced for you.