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I’m often asked how I select crystals and then specifically in relation to the Urusak Water Device.

There is not one answer to that question.

First let me explain what is needed for the Urusak Water Device and why. The Urusak Water Device in its current configuration needs 6 Clear or Smokey Quartz crystals.
These crystals are placed on the 6 wheels surrounding the spiral.

Why Clear or Smokey Quartz? The specific frequency of the wheels on the Urusak Water Device need to be directed and amplified by the crystals. These Quartz crystals are especially suited for this.

Clear or smokey Quartz crystals do not have a specific frequency/emotional/healing quality. They are excellent in amplifying frequency. When used with for example a Rose Quartz crystal, the clear Quartz crystal can amplify/strengthen the specific quality of the Rose Quartz crystal.

Personally I have always been drawn to clear Crystal cluster (for me it is like a little garden of individual crystals), but have found some amazing (laser) points recently.

What makes a crystal right for the Urusak Water Device? I select the crystals based on (not in any particular order):

  1. Visual appearance
  2. Size
  3. Cluster or point (not mixed)
  4. Clear / smokey Quartz
  5. Vibrational quality / frequency

1. Visual appearance

Visual appearance is obviously very personal, but I look at the composition for example of a cluster and the main point. A cluster always has a main/dominant point. This point directs the frequency/quality of the wheel inward towards the center of the device, towards the top spiral.

Does this mean that the crystal should be crystal clear? No absolutely not! This part is hard to explain. I see the quality of the crystal as a vibration, I see them as a set, and I see them lying on the wheel emanating the frequency/quality. The order in which they are placed on the wheels is almost an automatic process.

There are many ways people perceive frequency. Some are clairvoyant, some hear the frequencies of the crystals, some are drawn to crystals without really knowing why. There are many, many ways and not one is better than the other! I have no particular way; the crystals present themselves to me in many different ways. But they have one thing in common: “I just know“.

2. Size

Is there something as too big or not big enough?

The size is limited to the diameter of the wheel. Larger crystals will simply not fit on the plate. Is bigger better? No absolutely not! A small (less than 0.5 inch / 1 cm) clear Herkimer diamond (a clear Quartz crystal that grows in a diamond form) has more than enough power, but visually it is just not appealing.

It is the combination of the six crystals that form the frequency field. A well attuned set can contain crystals of different sizes.

3. Cluster or point

Cluster or point? This is a personal preference. I personally just love clusters. A cluster has a different energy/frequency because of the combination/symbiosis of the individual crystals that make up the cluster.

Points are easier to find, but it is a lot more difficult to find a natural point. More and more often I see points that are cut and polished that way. So not a natural point, a point that has formed naturally. The problem with these points is that the frequency that the point needs to focus, enhance and direct (from the wheel it is placed upon), does not always (more often not unfortunately) exits the point itself. I perceive this as an internal struggle / pressure. Where the frequency is forced the flow a certain way which is not the natural way, the way the matrix is formed.

It is better to have a natural point that is not perfect or chipped than one that is cut that way!

4. Clear / smokey Quartz

There is a distinct difference in vibration between Clear and Smokey Quartz. Smokey Quartz feels often a lot more gentle than the clear Quartz clusters or points. It has besides the function that a clear Quartz has, also a cleaning (smudging) effect. The frequency is less “sharp” than the clear Quartz variant.

Clarity and inclusions. Arkansas clear crystals are well known for their clarity / cleanliness. What I did not know (did not realize) is that many crystals are processed/cleaned with acid to look that way! This way removing natural existing discolorations and dirt.

As you might understand, this process adds to the trauma that occurs when removing the crystals from mother earth.

While this trauma can be healed, I’m more drawn (lately) to crystals that are natural, with inclusions, “discolorations”, with minerals, stone in which they have grown.

5. Vibrational quality / frequency

Does this influence the frequency? Yes it does, but in what respect? There is no one clear answer, it depends on the crystal itself. I have seen crystals with inclusions with very high frequency and crystals with a more gentle frequency. The inclusions of other minerals and or materials, is part of the symbiotic relationship it had while forming. It almost feels like when you remove this, you remove some of its essence! You could almost say it is the perfection what we tend to see in imperfection. vibrational quality differs from crystal to crystal. I feel these frequencies as a combination of an emotion and a physical response. It is as the crystals are guiding me. I “know” which are right for the set and which are going where. There is nothing scientific about this! I use my inner knowing to create a set for the device that I “feel” is right. This set, which is like a family, then “calls” to its new owner.

Recently I came by 2 very different sets of crystals that has blown my mind!

The first set is a smokey Quartz crystal set heavily enclosed with minerals. It is called Lodolite. Besides being very beautiful, the additional minerals and stone inclusions definitely creates something very organic. What I mean is that the frequency changes very subtle with intent. The frequency is very different from other sets I created from clear or smokey Quartz so far. It is gentle, but firm. It feels ancient and recent.

Then I came by a Quartz crystal that I hadn’t seen before. It is called Faden Quartz. The way this ‘grows’ is different from the traditional clear quartz which forms points or in case of the Herkimer diamond, a diamond shape. Faden crystals are formed as small plates and points and at some point these start to grow at a 90 degree angle. This results in a frequency being pointed at a 90 degree pie like shape. When placed on the device it forms a more cylinder like field. Very gentle and special!

On my continuous search for sets, I’m often surprised at what mother nature offers us. The diversity of crystals and minerals, their specific and unique frequencies and qualities is absolutely astonishing! The more I see and come into contact with, the more I work with these (little) miracles, the more I appreciate them. The more I realize the connection and the relationship I (we) have with them! The stronger the relationship, the better they can assist you creating this Special Urusak Water!

Acknowledge them when creating the water.

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