I will keep this blog post updated with the latest information on the order fulfilment for the pre-orders.

Last update February 15th 11:05 CET

Currently waiting for … WE ARE DONE!!

We are now preparing the orders which will all be send out this week (week 6 – 2023)!!!

We have completed the Urusak Water Device documentation :

  • Assembly manual –Finished
  • We need to create the assembly video, which will show you step by step how to assemble the device in all its glory. This is specifically for the visually oriented. – Finished
  • Urusak Water device introduction – Finished
  • The Alchemical Components of the Urusak – Finished
  • New minds of man and Quartz – Version 1.0 finished (will be updated soon with new information from Almine, will not delay shipping).
  • The 33 Principles of Fullness – Finished
  • We still need to create the document that describes the crystal clearing protocol. – Finished
  • We still need to create the document that describes the water creation ceremony. – Finished

We have completed the documentation! We had a lot more to share with you than initially envisioned (latest additions 8th of February!!) and we are just starting to understand the extent and power of the Urusak Water Device!
Ciara who has been proof reading the documentation, classified the document “The Alchemical Components of the Urusak” as “truly brilliant document, Anita is a genius!

The documentation will be printed and added to the device. The documentation will also be available to download (available soon). Updates to the documents will also be available for download when available.

I’m waiting for a correction on one of the engraved disks. The engraving was not perfectly centred on the disk. It needs to be perfect! The small local company that has created these beautiful engraved disks are currently in the process of replacing the less than perfect ones.

Current status: new engraved disks have been picked up and looking great!

I have requested Almine to create a special healing oil which will be my gift to you (a 5ml bottle) when you buy the Urusak Water Device. I’m currently waiting for this magnificent oil to arrive.

Current status: The special healing oils have been received. And wow!


The carafes are ordered and unfortunately like so many other (raw) materials used in the device are hard to get hold off (uncertain delivery times). Because of this uncertainty (“somewhere February we hope“), I have been calling around and have been able to secure enough stock by buying up the stock from many different web shops and stores to be able to start shipping out the orders next week (week 6)!

February 4th: 2 carafes have been delivered and it indeed fits in the box very nicely!
February 6th: 10 carafes have been delivered. I have contacted another supplier for an update on delivery of another 10 carafes.
February 8th: the supplier was unable to supply the 10 ordered carafes, ordered 10 from a different supplier.
February 9th. The last 10 carafes have been delivered!

Stand changes

A problem with the stand in ASA-CF and ABS has arisen. See the Frequently Asked Questions post for an explanation. This is why this version is currently unavailable. Unless I get this fixed, it will not an option anymore.

The orders containing the ASA-CF or ABS version will be contacted. (January 4th)

All customers who ordered an Urusak Water Device with ASA-CF or ABS stand have been contacted. All have selected an alternative.


The stand variant that is selected during the Urusak Water Device purchase, is put in production when the order has been paid. It takes about 20 hours to complete a stand. Below are the orders that are awaiting production. When your order number is not in the list (could take a few hours after you have placed your order), then your order is ready and will be shipped as soon as the “Currently waiting for” list has been cleared.

Order numbers awaiting production:

All finished

If you have any questions please send us an e-mail on info@urusakwater.com or through our contact form.

We are so excited to get this magical device to you!

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