An update has been long overdue. I will in some posts to come write about the journey it took to realise this magical device! It has become a complete redesign of the version created in 2015. There is much to tell, but for now The Urusak Water Device is finally here! It has exceeded all my expectations and it truly is a work of art! Every single piece of the device is like a puzzle where each piece just fits together.

The stand

The stand forms the base of the device and is specifically designed for it. The 3 rings that make up the stand (together with 4 plexiglass rods) are professionally 3D printed. What you should know about 3D printing is that it is made up of layers (each around 0.2mm heigh). These layers can always be seen! It is not a plastic part from a mold which always is perfectly smooth. You will see some surface lines and unevenness. When a part is 3D printed, the side that lies on the build plate, is nice and smooth. The top layer is rougher. The top 2 rings are orientated in the device with the smooth side up, the bottom ring rougher side up.

3D printing is an amazing technic and mesmerising to look at. The way a part is slowly taken form by every layer that is put down with stellar precision.

The stands printed from a bio plastic with 40% actual wood particles, can be post processed (sanded) which makes them absolutely gorgeous! These are the stands which are visually stunning with hardly any lines or unevenness after sanding. There are 3 variations: Coconut, Pine and Birch. Olive (a slightly greenish colour) can be ordered as a special request (2 days manufacture time). Below an image of the top ring in the 3 wood variants (the birch is considerably lighter in colour than the pine which is difficult to see in the pictures below).

The high tech material: ASA with Carbon Fibre has an amazing more industrial look. The stand is matt black and has a rougher surface finish. It is light and very stiff. It is a beautiful match and fits all interiors. There is just something with the clear plexiglass and glass components that makes this an absolute stunning combination!

3D printed top ring of the stand in ASA with carbon fiber

The last version is made from ABS plastic. This professional plastic is commonly used in the automotive industry and is available in many colours. I selected black and bronze to start with. I won’t rule out more color variants in the near future though. This material has the most visible lines and unevenness which is only visible on the bottom ring.

The Spiral assembly

The spiral assembly is completely custom made from laboratorium grade glass. The assembly consists of 2 spirals and a glass funnel. The glass is very strong (but not unbreakable) and temperature resistant (so can be sterilised if needed). I am so happy how amazing they turned out to be!

The engraved plates

Then the last piece that ties everything together are the engraved plexiglass plates. I had quit some help from the Anra to get these in the right configuration. The small company that engraves these plates have done an absolute amazing job! The wheels and alchemical equation are laser engraved which gives a beautiful frosty white finish on the clear plates. The plates are designed to have the engravings at the bottom (where possible) to protect them.

Some asked why are the plates not made out of glass? There are several reasons. Glass that is save to be used in this setup is very hard and extremely difficult to engrave and cut. The costs for a set are astronomical (the engravings are very complex)! The glass plates are also heavy which adds considerably in shipping cost and then there is the insurance. So I choose the best and clearest plexiglass quality there is. I can assure you that it is just as beautiful as glass, but it is less scratch resistant.


The packaging is made up of recycled cardboard boxes, protection paper, bio degradable bubblewrap and filling and the least amount of plastic possible without compromising the products safety to make it as sustainable as possible. So no, you won’t have that feeling when you unwrap your Apple product. But I can assure you, when you have assembled the device, the awe will transcend that feeling!

What is not included

The device comes without crystals. A good matching set (6 per device) is almost impossible to find in the quantities that are needed (and quality). I have 3-4 sets available collected over 8 years, which I will part with (with pain in my heart). These are real collectors items, one of a kind and once sold they are gone! Each set is perfectly matched.

The device will include a crystal clearing ceremony. Almine has created a special sigil to aid in this process of reconnecting the crystals to the mother crystal, cleaning them and remove trauma.

The last part that is needed is a carafe to be put underneath the device and a carafe to poor the water in the device. The main carafe (to capture the water) has a max height of: 23cm/9″ or 25cm/9.8″ when you are happy to slightly tilt the carafe. A very nice looking carafe is the 1 litre carafe from Eva Solo ( The carafe used to pour the water can be any size you want, but be aware that when selecting a larger carafe than the main carafe, when pouring the water to not exceed the amount that can be collected (or otherwise it will spill over).


I have asked Almine for a healing oil specifically created to accompany the water device. She has created an amazing oil that is on its way. My gift to you for every device sold is a 5ml bottle (worth €40) of these magnificent oil.

A healing oil in which I have instilled the healing intent of removing obstructions from the energetic pathways in the body (the cause of all illness and disease).

the Seer Almine

There is so much more to tell and show you! But that is for other posts. So stay tuned!

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