It became more and more apparent with the COVID pandemic, that the Urusak Water Device was needed sooner and not later. So in 2021 I started up the project again to see if I could find a way to make it available to a large public (the previous version was very expensive).

In the meantime I have explored many options (more about those in subsequent posts), but none of them were viable. They were either to complex, quality could not be ensured or too expensive. The global COVID situation also did not help with a shortage of (raw) materials, increasing the prices for the different components and the shipping delays which slowed down the prototype phases.

A lot was learned the last couple of months and I think we have the solution! There is one last and final step in the prototyping phase (estimated completion by the end of February) and when this last test is successful, I can finally order the main components!

When the order has been placed production is estimated to take 4-6 weeks. Shipping however is still a point of uncertainty. There is no way we can estimate the shipping time from the factory to the EU. We also do not know what the impact is of the shipping on the price of the device, but rest assured we are trying to keep the price as low as we possibly can! So there is still a little bit of waiting, but I’ll keep the Blog updated as we go along.