Six crystals that for three days have been buried in the salt of the sea, place upon the six surrounding wheels. from the transmission of the Urusak
Now that I have found a glass manufacturer working on the creation of the 2 spirals and I have a good idea about the size of the horizontal plate, I decided to go to Brazillian Curiosa. A wholesale company specializing in the most beautiful crystals. This place is known for one-off and unique pieces. They have supplied Naturalis in Leiden (The Netherlands) – the National Museum of Natural History, with some amazing pieces of natures beauty! I was permitted to browse through his collection and extremely fortunate to find, after 2 full hours, 2 full sets of beautiful clear Arkansas crystal clusters. This made me realize, however, that it is not easy to find these beautiful creations of nature. Clusters as these (in clarity, size and frequency) are becoming quite rare. That said, finding more beautiful clear (cut) Arkansas or equivalent crystals with the properties described should not be a problem. The price however could be. I also bumped into (no coincidences) a most beautiful, incredibly clear, crystal with a very high frequency: the Herkimer Diamond. This could be an option for someone that wants something really special. Unfortunately, Herkimer Diamonds are very expensive. According to the description in the transmission from the Urusak (see the quote above) the crystals should be buried in salt for 3 days before they are placed on the 6 Wheels of the horizontal plate. I am now waiting for all the different components to arrive so the device can finally be assembled.