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Welcome Urusak waterdevice prototype

After adjusting the center hole in the horizontal plate, it was time to assemble the [...]

The plate prototypes have arrived!

Today the 3 engraved plates arrived and they are absolutely gorgeous!!! They are well made [...]

The Spiral prototype is ready

Today was the day that I could collect the spiral prototype.

Prototyping – Part II (the Horizontal plate)

Six wheels of power in a circle lie. Six wheels are placed in a clockwise [...]

Prototyping – Part I (the Spiral)

Where do you start? The description of the Pleiadean Water of Enlightened Mastery (the Urusak Waterdevice) that [...]

The Crystals

Six crystals that for three days have been buried in the salt of the sea, [...]

How it all started

As long as I remember, I have been interested in water. From salty to sweet [...]