After adjusting the center hole in the horizontal plate, it was time to assemble the device!

I used the bottom part of a water filter as the receptacle water container. This is a temporary solution and I’m currently looking into an alternative, which has proven to be challenging. But more about that in a future post.

The next hurdle was: how the secure the bottom spiral? After some research and exploring different options, I realised what I needed to create. I’m definitely getting help here! From some Perspex that I used for another project, I created a disc (with a diameter of 2.5cm/1″) with a slit from the side to the centre. The width of the slit was important to allow the bottom spiral just below the collar to be secured.

Finally! Time to assemble!

There is something very special about this device! Once I started to assemble all the different components, the frequency started changing and building. My partner had to sit down, because of this change in frequency. She is able to detect frequency changes through hearing and was picking up a high pitched sound which increased the longer the device was assembled.

I would like to explore this further before we are actually start using the device.