Over the last month I have been researching:

  1. Different solutions for the water receiving container.
  2. Carafes that suit the beauty of this water device (related to point 1.).

Finding a solution for the water receptacle has been very challenging, given that I haven’t been able to find a suitable container with respect to material and, more importantly, size and ease of use!

I have been researching glass containers (cilinder vases among others) in the right dimensions and made of a non toxic glass (a lot of lead is used in glass). I had some help, but Unfortunately it seemed a dead end, unless I would commission this in the size we need. Unfortunately, this would make the device very expensive.

Even if we would have found it though a solution was needed that would easily deliver the water without the need for disassembling the device.

The second option explored was the temporary solution for the prototype device setup (see blog post Welcome Urusak waterdevice prototype!). This is, in my opinion, not the most ideal solution, because of the material. It is however an ideal solution when considering usability. It is easy to get a glass of treated water by means of the little tap.

I researched possible manufacturers in China, Korea and several others. This presented a problem as the large number of units required per purchase is cost prohibitive combined with the size which also proved a concern. From an aesthetic perspective, the container used for the first prototype is too large. So I needed to consider a smaller size. I found a water filtering device with the required dimensions, but no manufacturer I contacted (and I haven’t heard back from the supplier of this particular device), could supply me with this specific size.

This is where I definitely had some help again. Just before I woke up a few days ago, I saw the Urusak Waterdevice in full glory! The solution was actually quite simple! What I needed was a cilinder with a diameter of ±22-25cm/8.7-9.8″ that could be halved (lengthwise). This half cilinder would act as the console on which the horizontal plate, spirals and crystals would rest. At the bottom the wheel and alchemical equation would be placed and on top of that a glass Carafe to collect and hold the treated water.

I contacted several Perspex processing companies specialising in cilinder and raw Perspex material to enquire if they could help with the adjustments required for the cylinder. I already noted they had the cilinder size I required, but needed to know if they could actually cut and finish it properly. This has proven to be difficult. Only one of them wanted to try it, but that meant that the half cilinder would be very expensive! Further, the risk of this process of cutting and finishing would be mine completely.

So I abandoned this Perspex option (at least at the moment) and researched other options until I found an ideal solution. I found a plastic pipe with an outer diameter of 24cm/9.4″ which was sturdy enough to hold its form once cut along with the weight of the device. I ordered a piece and have been able to half this pipe perfectly. The beauty of this solutions is that the cilinder can be finished in almost any format. It can be painted, formed into art form by the application of artwork (sticker) or commission an artist to create something beautiful from it. The possibilites are limitless!

Because of this new setup, I needed a receiving container like a carafe. After searching the internet and looking through literally hundreds of carafes, I found a Danish manufacturer that makes beautiful carafes in different sizes. I ordered all of them to see which size would suit the device best in regards to size (particularly height). I have received them. They are absolutely beautiful and a pleasure to use. The 1.0ltr version as the receiving container and 0.6ltr as the pouring bottle suit the best. Have a look at the pictures below.

This is what the device looks like with a raw version of the console and carafes

This solution means minor adjustments to some other components and particularly the two bottom discs with the Power Wheel and the alchemical equation. The initial size was based on the description: Wheel 1 can be large as the receiving bottles sits upon it. and the proportion between the wheel and the horizontal plate with the 6 wheels. This needs to be changed in order for the disc(s) to fit nicely in the console and can be glued in. Also I would like to combine the current 2 separate bottom discs into 1 thicker and clearer quality, where the equation is engraved on the bottom and the wheel on the top of the disc.

An equation of mastery under the receiving container (the jug) and on top of the power wheels rests. from the transmission of the Urusak

What’s next?

  • Ways of finishing the console.
  • Applying the adjustments to the spiral according to several findings following use of the device and having a second version (hand)made.
  • Adjustments to the engraving and cutting templates for the discs.
  • Creation of the last engraving for beneath the pouring bottle/carafe.
  • Researching the engraving of the glass pouring bottle (Angel name) or a sticker to apply to the carafe.
  • Researching the wheel sticker option as an alternative to the laser engraving.