We are again a step closer to the final version.

What has been done since the last post of January, 21st?

  1. Changed several components (physical and design adjustments) according to the past weeks findings.
  2. Researching the sticker option as an alternative to laser engraving.
  3. The Console
    • Exploring ways of finishing the console.
    • Research possible alternatives to the current console.
  4. Exploring a solution to securely attache the spiral to the horizontal plate.

1. Changes

Because of the new console and some points that became clear using the device, the bottom plate, the plate with the Power Wheel and the Alchemical equation, required a few changes:

  1. The plate needs a different size to fit the console dimensions.
  2. The 2 separate thinner (3mm/0.12″) round plates at the bottom, one with the Alchemical equation and one with the Power Wheel did not really work. Or better, was not very practical. I have chosen a thicker (8mm/0.31″) and clear quality perspex (matching the horizontal plate with the 6 Wheels) and redesigned the plate to carry both the Wheel (engraved on the top of the plate) and the Alchemical equation (engraved on the bottom of the plate). In addition, the wheel is slightly offset from the centre to the back to allow the carafe on top of the wheel when the device is in use. This new setup is a great improvement and looks great!

I have also made some design changes to the horizontal plate with the 6 Wheels. There is now a mark to indicate which is the first of the 6 Wheels.

Now that I have found a small carafe that can be used for pouring the water into the device, and I have the dimensions, I created the perspex round plate with the Wheel that fits nicely below the carafe.

2. Sticker option

The engraved perspex plates look absolutely gorgeous, but this comes at a price. In order to be able to offer the device to people with a tighter budget, I researched a cheaper, high quality alternative.

I have found a clear printable sticker sheet for the Wheels, Alchemical equation and the Angel name as an alternative to the engraving. I have done some tests and the results are beautiful! The clear part of the sticker is slightly frosted (so not completely clear as the perspex plate) and looks good.

I have created the templates for this option. Instead of the engravings, 3 clear sticker sheets are supplied with all the Wheels, the Alchemical equation, the Angel name and Urusak Water logo. With that, instructions are given along with a template to apply the stickers to the clear perspex discs and the carafe(s).

This is a great alternative to the more expensive engraving option. The stickers can be relatively easy removed and new stickers applied. The sheets with replacement stickers can be ordered separately.

Main horizontal disc with the Wheel stickers:

Main horizontal plate with wheel stickers

3. The Console

The console in the shape of half a cilinder is a great solution, but I’m always looking at different options. I found such an option on the Biofach in Nuremberg, Germany (largest European exhibition for ecological products). However, this needs further research to see how it can be applied to the Urusak Waterdevice.

I have looked at different ways of finishing the console. Currently I have given the console two layers of glossy off-white (RAL9010) paint, which looks great. This way it is a blank canvas for whatever you want to create or elect to make no changes. Another option is to apply a luxurious printed sticker, which can contain anything you imagine. I have found a supplier, but this needs some testing. Properly applying the sticker (which is made from a single piece) to the console will be a challenge.

Spiral attachement solution

There is still one hurdle to overcome and that is securely attache the spiral to the horizontal plate. The current method is working, but the spiral is too unstable for my liking. I have contacted a technical designer to work with me on an idea, so we can prototype this by means of a 3D printer. I’m looking forward to this process! It is the last piece of the puzzle.

This is what the device looks like now

What’s next?

  • Research and tests regarding the spiral attachement to the device.
  • In relation to the above, a new console option.
  • Applying the adjustments to the spiral according to several findings following use of the device and having a second version (hand)made
  • Looking into a lid for the funnel on the spiral (for hygiene purposes)
  • Researching the engraving of the glass pouring bottle (Angel name).